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Engine Oil Filter Reference

Brand Part Number Type
Allis-Chalmers 70240912 Bypass
AC (GM) C412 Bypass
WIX 57011 (formerly 51101) Bypass
Fram C159 Bypass
Baldwin T300M Bypass
Fleetguard LF571 Bypass
Hastings LF405 Bypass
Purolator L30007 (formerly T7L) Bypass
MOPAR L-103 Bypass

NOTE: Bypass-style oil filters were used on Models B, C, CA, G, WC, WD, WD45, D10, D12, D14, and early D17 (prior to S/N 24001).

The D15, D17 (S/N 24001 and up), 170 (gas and diesel), and 175 (gas and diesel) used full-flow oil filters (A-C P/N 70237000).